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Being one person trying to grow in any social media in todays world is hard. Being an artist/blogger/creator and have to handle several platforms on top of making stuff sometimes feels impossible so… let’s talk social media and you.

The scene:

You are a content creator, be it art, SL content or blogging/photographer, trying to grow, get more engagement while cerating content, having to manage a patreon/website + social media + clients + so much more and it is exhausting, sounds like you?

Some people are lucky enough that they are able to handle many things at the same time, or they enjoy the social media itself or interaction, but even then is not easy having to do all on your own, and if you add anxiety or more, is definitely difficult.

Many people end up giving up when things get hard and I cannot blame them for it, it not something that is easy and sometimes is not rewarding at all. Other people prefer to hire people like me to help them navigate the oceans that is neurodivergency, anxiety and social media.

But not everyone is able to hire someone. Most artists do everything themselves and is not always easy. So as someone that is hired to do this & consults/helps others navigate through social media and their branding.

Here are a few things that I recommend my clients to do:

1. Understand what works for you. Not every social media works for everyone, some people do better in artstation or deviantart, others do well or feel more comfortable having their own website/patreon, others love twitter or IG, so spend some time discovering which is yours.

2. Learn everything you can about your social media. What is the allowed content? When should you post? What should you write? Is it better to do teasers and WIPs over finished stuff? If you understand the social media, it will slowly become less and less intimidating.

3. If it all seems too daunting, invest in guidance. The reason why people have approached me to help is because it can be TOO much for just one person, hiring someone (like me) can help you. And no, I am not saying hire me, I think it needs to happen organically but I am indeed saying, find some help. Wherever it comes from. Whatever works for you. For some of my clients it works because I understand neurodivergency and I have a team of doctors and specialists that aid me. This does not work for everyone.

Growth is slow and steady. Remember not everything will be viral, but growing a steady base will help you in the long run. Your art and content is gorgeous already so do not be discouraged.

Remember, please, in the end, this is just one person’s opinion, you do whatever suits you best and makes you the most comfortable. In the end it is your brand, your content and your decision.

Interest Form

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