Wrestle Insider | Javier Azul [IC Post]

The following is a roleplay in-character interciew with my Valiant Wrestling character doing an interview with Valiant Wrestling’s PRIDE Champion Javier Azul. Please keep this in mind.

I had the immense pleasere to sit down and interview everyone’s favorite spirit animal and now Pride Champion, Javier Azul.

From the music, the scooter, the breakdancing, the colors and the hyped up energy he always brings to the table, Javier is a fan favorite; even more so now that he took the championship from, no one’s hero, Johnny. Just being next to him is already such a joy!

Here is the interview, enjoy!

What brought you to wrestling?

I have always been a huge wrestling fan.  I knew what my dancing skills would wow the crowd with my fancy moves.  And I thought it would be really cool to try out and I’m glad I did

How did you feel when you won the title?

I feel awesome.  I got myself a shiny.  Life is good.  I really didn’t think I would win the championship because some people thought I wouldn’t be champion.  But I did it.  I won the championship and everyone, including my parents, are very proud of me, especially my mom Remi.  

Tell us more about your new life as the Pride Champion?

It has been fun.  I am a hit at the clubs.  Everyone loves to see me wear the belt.  But as much as I love having the belt, I know other people want my shiny.  But I am going to do what it takes to defend my shiny

What are your current goals in Valiant?

Just to have fun in what I love to do and that is party and wrestle.  But I hope to one day become Valiant World Heavyweight Champion

If you had to pick a dream match with anyone in Valiant, who would it be?

My dream match would definitely be against Charlie Covfefe.  He is awesome and he is like my idol 

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I like to eat breakfast burritos, I also DJ and I am a professional breakdancer.  Plus I love to play video games and ride scooters.   I also like to go to club parties 

What would be your piece of advice for someone starting or having an interest in (SL) wrestling?

I would say go for it! And if people tell you not to pursue that career, you tell them to eat a breakfast burrito.  Always follow your dreams!

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Valiant Wrestling is a MBS Partner and this posts will become my new way to boost their content for being the awesome beans they are!

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