Wrestle Insider | Helios [IC Post]

The following is a roleplay in-character interciew with my Valiant Wrestling character doing an interview with Valiant Wrestling’s Official Photographer Helios Eusebio of ROF PRoductions. Please keep this in mind.

In light of the fact that November is approaching and Amber Bay is slowly prepping for their annual Hunt Helios event. I sat down with the Bird that is on fire and (somewhat NOT) very real, aka Valiant’s Photographer Helios Eusebio for a one-on-one inside scoop!

Here is the inteview:

Why wrestling photography?

To be honest, my interest in photographing wrestling was kind of kindled by accident. It all started a little more than a year ago when I decided to go watch a match that my daughter, Selena, was booked in. I wanted to get some photos of my kiddo but I also didn’t want the other folks to feel left out so I shot the whole show. I found photographing it to be a big change from what I usually do and it offered a unique perspective on the matches that I didn’t see anyone else doing. I’m always looking to both challenge myself and do photo shoots that no on else is doing. Add to the fact that the wrestlers were over the moon when they saw my photos…and the rest, as they say, is history.

How is it like to balance being hunted and being Valiant’s photographer?

It is a very complicated process that involves me showing up for work every Wednesday night and potentially changing the locks when I get back home (much to Remi’s annoyance!). There’s a reason why I only stick around for Valiant’s meet and greets: there’s still people on the roster that I know won’t try to hunt me down, though I’ve been having my suspicions as of late.

What are your goals in Valiant? What brought you here?

I was one of the first people brought into Valiant, back when it was more of an idea than an actual fed. I’d been previously working for another promotion and as fun as that was I was looking to do something more than just match photography. I felt that Valiant would give me the chance to do that, and in fact the first thing they said to me in that first production meeting was to “go nuts” when it came to promotional stuff. As for my goals here? In a macro sense, it’s to help promote our roster and ensure people come to the stadium every Wednesday night. Besides that? It’s mostly to spend time with the family while working; Remi, Selena, Javier, Athena, Sprockket and Revel (and I mean the REAL Revel, not whatever she’s been for the last few months). I never really thought this job would become a literal family business, but I’m certainly not complaining that it worked out that way.

If you had to pick one match between anyone in Valiant, who would it be?

This is a tough question, because for the most part it’s already happened! I’m very invested in members of #ECHO (Eusebio-Crowley Home Office) either winning belts or fighting each other. Athena, Sprockket and Javier have made us a three-star family (the fact that we kept the Women’s PRIDE Belt in the family is a bonus). And while I’m sure Athena vs Selena would be a fun bout, I actually would love to see Selena take on Strikira again so we can make it a grand slam! Besides that, I’m really not sure. Though maybe when Revel gets her head on right, we could have a Blood and Guts match between ECHO and some of the baddies on the roster? We’ve got plenty to go around.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

This is not going to be as exciting of an answer as you’re hoping for because I really don’t have a lot of free time. But it’s not because of Valiant or any of the other places I’m affiliated with keeping me busy, it’s because I keep myself busy. I’m always working on posters, doing post on photos, or doing something else to try and keep my productivity up and get as much done as possible. It’s gotten to the point that Remi, the family…pretty much everyone in Valiant has begged me to take some time off and relax. But like I always tell them; I don’t get sick, I don’t observe most holidays, I’m a jackhammer.

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