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The following is a roleplay in-character interciew with my Valiant Wrestling character doing an interview with Valiant Wrestling’s Strikira “The Aussie Avenger”. Please keep this in mind.

My goodness what a week! And I got to do something fantastic, I got to sit down with the lovely Strikira, also known as The Aussie Avenger.

Recently in Valiant’s last supershow Equinox Strikira managed to overcome adversity and took on the one and only, former world champ, Riv in a match for the ages! And now she is back stronger than ever.

Here is the interview:

What make you take on a purrfesional path for wrestling?

So it was after years of defending the streets and suburbs of Sydney from both criminals and supervillains, when I found that my lack of technical skills were starting to catch up with me. More and more of my villains and new foes started employing more grappling and wrestling techniques when I engaged in close combat, which unfortunately put me in quite a bind either resulting in some much needed criporacty sessions… or a humiliating night captured in some villain’s lair.

So as a result of this, I started doing wrestling on the side, mostly small underground fighting rings, mostly MMA and no rules matches. Most of them were run by informants and bookies seeking to make some easy money with no questions asked. Personally I didn’t do it for the cash, but the thrill of the matches and the experience I gained really helped. Hell I even got to face some of my regular villains in the ring and even learn from them, no need to enforce the law or needing to fight for justice; just honest one on one fights.

Strikira v. Riv @ Valiant EQUINOX | Photo Courtesy of ROF Productions

Then i heard about the various wrestling feds that were opening applications, which at first i thought “there is no way they will take a superhero with powers”; but decided to sign up with the application originally at another fed. Basically I was told that so long as I didn’t used my Lifeforce powers during regular matches, I could wrestle with them; and by December 2020 I started out my professional wrestling career.

Since that day, I’m now known as one of the deadliest Striker/Technical wrestlers in the business, one famous quote from a certain presidential candidate once stated that “I kick real far but watch out for my punches”; not to mention that I’ve developed a higher pain tolerance to grappling and submission moves…Still hate bearhugs tho!

Also got a couple of Championship belts to my collection as well, from previous and other federations and Valiant Women’s titles. So Yeah I reckon I haven’t done too bad!

Strikira @ Valiant EQUINOX | Photo Courtesy of ROF Productions
How is it like to balance being a super hero and a purrfesional wrestler?

So folks have asked how can I still wrestle and protect the city from crime and villainy, which is actually somewhat easier than you think. Since I only wrestle at the very least once or twice a week at different promotions, most of my time is devoted to fighting crime or my own personal life.

Plus since I use my superhero suit for wrestling, means I don’t have to change gear after the show to head back out on crime fighting patrols, of course a hard fought match might put a stop to that for abit if i get really banged up…Also for the record I don’t have any hospital wings named after me…yet.

What are your goals in Valiant? What brought you here?

The sense of family, community and respect from members of the roster, Both Charlie and Dylan have poured their heart and soul out to fostering a safe and fun wrestling community over there and have been nothing but accommodating and professional. Plus the moment I was told it was a six sided ring, I just had to give it a shot; we Aussies are all about taking on any challenge and giving it hundred percent.

As for my goals? Well pure and honest, It’s to wrestle, improve, adapt and always push the limit of my own abilities; and give it my all in the ring. And I expect my opponents to come at me full force and not hold back, no matter who they are. As my catchphrase states to my opponents…”Do…You…Dare?!”

Strikira v. Riv @ Valiant EQUINOX | Photo Courtesy of ROF Productions
Who in Valiant would be your dream match?

Ah geez mate, honestly this is a tough one! So many members of the roster have potential and grit to go toe to toe with me. I’ve faced off against most of the women’s division already, and to be honest, I kinda wanna fight some blokes for a change! Don’t get me wrong, as the current Women’s champion, I’ll defend this belt with the same honest and respect that i give to all my opponents, but if we taking a dream match, I wanna prove that we sheilas can mix it up up with the blokes, so sign me bloody up and i’ll tango with either Hammer, Charlie or Shango.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

If I’m not in the ring, or out making some poor criminal’s dentist rich, then it’s mostly having self-care time to myself. Going out on a long walk or run in a nature park, finding a nice quiet place to reset my mind, or going on a pub or nightclub crawl are by far my favorite pastimes. 

Oh and I love me some rugby, nothing like putting my feet up on the couch, having some tucker and enjoying some rugby league on the telly; with beer of course, not bloody foster piss water here, only good old prime minister approved Hawke’s Lager.

Strikira @ Valiant EQUINOX | Photo Courtesy of ROF Productions
What would be your piece of advice for someone starting or having an interest in Wrestling?

First off, believe in yourself and give it your all! Your mind will always be your worst enemy, and that creeping sense of anxiety and self doubt of your own abilities; that can be a major hurdle that a lot of folks in the wrestling community don’t really cover. So always make time for yourself, get into the mental zone and always de-stress both before and after a match.

That being said, don’t forget that you can always keep improving your craft as well, don’t be afraid to observe and watch how your fellow wrestlers perform moves and fight, and learn from them’ cause at the end of the day we are all team players that put on bouts in the ring.

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