Wrestle Insider | Luka Cross[IC Post]

The following is a roleplay in-character interciew with my Valiant Wrestling character doing an interview with Valiant Wrestling’s Luka Cross. Please keep this in mind.

I got the pleasure to sit down for a bit and talk to one of Valiant’s new wrestling personalities, the largen than life and incredibly awesome Luka Cross aka “Rough Rider”!

A southern woman through and through, we met up for a quick chat after her appearance in Valiant’s Flashpoint last wednesday an I have to say, she is one of the SWEETEST beans I have ever met and with such ambitions for her time and path in Valiant.

Here is the inteview, enjoy!

What make you take on a purrfesional path for wrestling?

Well, That is a bit of a story really.

I think you will be the first reporter I told about this but my parents were killed overseas during operation Enduring Freedom from an IED attack when I was 12 almost 13…wait they told me on my birthday my parents had died, leaving me and my little brother Benjamin, without any living family to take us in.

We were put in the foster care system and we didn’t do well, as my little brother was soft spoken and kind leading to him being bullied alot. So I stepped in when adults wouldn’t to defend him, Alot, and ofcoarse I got in trouble for it. Well it came to a head when i was almost 18 and a senior in high school, i found out some prep girl who was jealous puberty hit me like a semi had her friend younger sibling tease and bully Ben, when I told her to back off she dared me to try anything.

I warned her and left it at that till ben came to the foster home crying and hurt… So I did what any sister should do. I sent her and her friends to the nurse crying, limping and bleeding. Well that caused the foster family to drop me and separate my brother from me. I don’t know what name they put him under or anything, but as as soon as i was 18 i wasn’t the state’s problem So I tried to find him but quickly found I needed money to even try. So I ended up using some of given talent in fighting to go to clubs and back room fight clubs, earning every dime i could. I nearly earned my way to being a boxer but falling for a ruse I got barred from professional boxing. A friend taught me Mauythai, and helped me sharpen my skills enough that I stepped into wrestling as a force to be reckoned with.

Photo Courtesy of Ring Of Fire Productions
What are your goals in Valiant? What brought you here?

My goals in Valiant and what brought me here, Hmmmm… Well I would have to say what brought me here was the roster of tough opponents, If I caould make a name for myself anywhere it would be here, and maybe I can make some friends along the way, tho I expect to make some enemies as well…. Like Isabel Dredd. I Would say my goals tie into that as well with the hope of earnign some recognition and maybe some glory, It may make it easier to find my brother as well as earn enough to pay to find him.

Who in Valiant would be your dream match?

Hmmm Tough call, plenty of good opponents Like Shango, Strikira, Cammy Panes, Isabel Dredd, Sandaris, and many others but I would say my Dream match would probably go head-to-head With Riv. She looks like a hell of a fight and a half.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Well in my free time I do enjoy hanging out with friends, sparing a bit, as well as a good ole Saloon is just the place fora southern girl like me.

What would be your piece of advice for someone starting or having an interest in Wrestling?

My advice huh? I would say don’t give up at the first sign of adversity, grow from it, strengthen from it. You dont need to be some ex prize fighter or MMA extraordinaire, anyone can learn and if you come into it open mind and willingness to get down dirst, then you can go as far as your heart takes you.
How is that?

Photo Courtesy of Ring Of Fire Productions

Valiant Wrestling
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