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The following is a roleplay in-character post about the wrestling personas Lyra Phoenix (wrestler) and Miwa Bunny (her manager) try to look at it through those eyes.

Not many of you know, but I happen to have a great business relationship with one individual, Hammer. We’ve talked about him in the past but when he texts with a particular proposal in relation to Lyra… I listen. This time a tag-team match.

Last Wednesday I got a text from Hammer proposing something for next Tuesday. The downlow you already know it since it happened on Tuesday, Lyra Phoenix and Hammer teaming up against Agent Ray and Luka Cross, and I cannot tell you just HOW excited that made me.

On that day the whole gang showed up. Lyra and myself as always ready and properly trained, Hammer bringing the full force of Hit Squad.

If you missed the match, you can catch is here. After this, SPOILERS AHEAD.

While I was certainly not expecting Luka to yeet and yoink Lyra the way that she did, Lyra certainly managed to control that towering woman while letting Agent Ray and Hammer battle it out. In the end, of course, #Dawnbreaker and Hit Squad won over and took another win under their belts.

Personally, I saw the different blind spots and potential new training opportunities that Lyra will need to tackle next, so back to the training rooms.

BUT, not of course before we took pictures with one of Lyra’s biggest supporters, the meet an greet started in Lyra’s Fan Club. Tristyn the owner of PANIQ in SL got the chance to meet his idol Lyra Phoenix and even got her a new edition pair of sunglasses.

Honor Pro Wrestling
// Infinity Show every Tuesday @ 6pm SLT
// Visit here

Join Lyra’s Fan Club Group in-world for an opportunity to win a meet and greet with Lyra and Miwa!


Style Credits for Miwa
♡ PlushStudios. Uma Bralette
♡ CryBunBun - Natasha Pants [Legacy]
♡ PANIQ - Cat Lashes Sunglasses [Sunrise]
// Available at Mainstore
♡ DOUX - Kiara Hairstyle [M/Boobs]
♡ =DAE= Cross Chain Earrings // Rigged for Lelutka
♡ Hexed - Brunhild Eyeshadow BOM EVOX
♡ Mad' - Goth Lipsticks [LeL evolution Applier]

Photo Credits
♡ VARONIS - Nakano Backalley
♡ HYDRA - Super Car
♡ ACT 5 Male Lean with Phone pose
♡ Black . Sand Misha Sofa Fatpack (PG)
♡ tarte. allison room divider (natural) w lights
♡ Trompe Loeil - Antique Crate Decor

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