Oh I so do! And so I dragged the wonderful Blue into my obsession with the sunglasses and doing very strategic positioning to showcase things. So here it is ANOTHER POST wearing nothin to enhance the beauty of the items blogged! Enjoy!

♡ Violetility - Goth Beach Clutter
    ♡ Violetility - Sand GraveStone
    ♡ Violetility - Spooky SPF [High LOD]
    ♡ Violetility - Ice Cream Batwich [High LOD]
// Available at the FLF Bday Bash
// Opens Friday, August 12, 12am SLT

♡ Violetility - Spooky Beach Hut [High]
// Available at The Fifty

♡ :HAIKEI: Heavenly Beach House / GACHA / {3}
♡ :HAIKEI: Heavenly Beach House / GACHA / {6}

Miwa wears:
♡ PANIQ - Cat Lashes Sunglasses [Gold+Nightsky]
// Available at Mainstore

♡ .: CORAZON:. Tattoo KAIYA :. Medium
// Currently at TOKYO ZERO EVENT

♡ Lovely Mi - Synthwave Textures for [P] Vaera Claws
// Available at Mainstore

♡ RAMA.SALON - Brenda Hair 'M'

Blue wears:
PANIQ - Cat Lashes Sunglasses [Silver+Sunset]
[monso] Marin Hair
eBody Reborn + Mounds
Nails from Aii's Demonic Touch Set


Published by Miwa

Management specialist, Photo/Videographer, Musician, DJ and Vlogger in Second Life

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