Summer Camp

Do you keep memories of Summer Camp?

Well if you keep any of them, this round of Abnormality may bring back some memories. Nestled in and island surrounded in the middle of a lake sits Camp Foxwood, the newest build and theme for Abnormality.

Among the many things showing and being put up for sale, we have of course my release and the beautiful bears from BIRB.

♡ BIRB. Polar Bear
// Exclusive to Abnormality Camp Foxwood.
// Comes in 7 different versions.
// Includes head mapping for AUGUST Espen and SG Fennex heads.

The Lovely Mi x 370 “Ripley” Swimsuit sold in 12 individual (no mod/no trans) versions plus the SPECIAL HUD driven pack including all 12, and the fatpack with an extra 13 textures added. Plus 3 special HUD texture packs specially created by Bewitched, Corrupted Queen and {Mangled}.

BIRB’s Bears come in nine versions each one with a special marking of their own. Comes in 3 versions, femme, masc and flat. Fitted for the ESPEN and SG Fennex heads, included are the ears and tail for the mod.

Camp Fooxwood Abnormality
/// TP to event 
/// August 7-28
/// Website
/// Twitter

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