If there’s something I truly enjoy is being able to wiggle my little butt for no other reason at random places, hey don’t judge me, we all have our guilty pleasures.

And see the beauty of something like this is the fact that I am able to share some amazingly creative content while still being social, being part of an overall good feeling and great community that is not being slowly taking off on Twitter thanks to someone’s decision to put a forced paywall for Second Life users at a certain photo platform that shall remain unammed.

In this case I get the pleasure to share some of my fav dance moves while showing off amazing content from The Guild: Atlantis Round creators, this time it’s { MoonPhase } and [AERTH]’s creations while I dance at the soon-to-be-opened renewed Palmwood City in Second Life.

♡ [AERTH] Atlantea Face + Body Tattoos Pink // Wearing EVO version but comes also with EVOX. // The Guild Exclusive.
♡ { MoonPhase } Draped Mermaid Tail Pink and Blue // Comes in various colors // The Guild Exclusive.
♡ { MoonPhase } Lucky starfish // Comes in three positions, displaying the butt one // The Guild Exclusive.
♡ [LUNAFELL] Penta Panties
♡ Lilleth Mills - Tangled Top // Available at the Inithium Event March
♡ Shot at Palmwood City's Laundromat behind my new place.// Opening Saturday March 26, 2022 ♡
The Guild: Atlantis
/// TP to Event
/// March 1st-31st

Published by Miwa

Management specialist, Photo/Videographer, Musician, DJ and Vlogger in Second Life

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