And what a FULL Moon we have this time. I really do love getting to make specific scenes that have some type of story. So for this one I wrote a short story for all of you. Please enjoy.

And so she opened the door to the attic, it has been years since she came to that house. The whole placed looked out of time, her grandmother had always had a special connection to this place. She stepped in and looked at caged portrait hanging from the very oddly placed chimney. The big stained glass window distracted her as the rays from the moon shed light to the cobwebbed filled candelabras and the ritual bench that still had a lit candle, she approached and smiled. “Hello grandma. I missed you.”

As she said those words, the flickering light went off and from the smoke a whispered sigh of relief was heard. The young witch smiled as she saw the smoke, walking over to the window, opening it to release the smoke. “Thanks gammy.”

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