To those of you, my faithful followers, that have been with me for a while, this post may come as a surprise, because even you know I rarely announce my DJ sets. This is mostly due to the fact I am busy with SL or RL work and secondary I do not think my DJ skills are anything out of the ordinary, yes I know I should think a bit higher about myself and my skill, but oh well what will we do.

♡ Featuring Mamere – Valentine Eclair. Available at The Broken Heart Fair from Feb 4th-14th. ♡

However this post is special, because it involves nostalgia, synthwave and music. This time I get to DJ the Pool Party for Le Chateau Motel & Resort at the Blake Sea Regions in Second Life, and I get to do a SYNTHWAVE MIX, which you know is one of my all time favorites (love synthwave) and see that… that’s my name! Oh yes, DJ Miwa Bunny at Pool Fiesta 2 for Le Chateau.

TP to le Chateau HERE.

Please consider this is an ADULT HUMAN place, if you wish to come visit you will need to abide by their rules which can be located at their landing point.

Le Chateau is the brain child of an old French friend, Victoire, who along with her partners in crime brought to life this wonderful motel and camping site to live in the old time nostalgia that is the 80s and 90s, from decor to ambiance this place is definitely a dream come true for any of us who miss the old times where Beta was a standard, Leg warmers were more than a useful winter accessory and hair ruled the world.

To know more about Le Chateau Motel & Resort, check out their websites. Le Chateau Motel Website | Le Chateau Plaza Website

If interested, you may contact Victoire for a quote on graphic design, video production, decoration, landscaping, 80s/90s fashion orientation and more. You can check her work out at Le Chateau or her Links. **ADULT CONTENT WARNING**


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