Top and Bottoms by Aitne

Oh BDSM and the beauty of sexual exploration in a virtual world. I have always been a huge advocate of erotic (not pr0n) art, imagery and safe sexual exploration, so to me having brands like LilMDs and Violetility as my sponsors, in addition to Short Leash, allows me to discuss these topics more freely and also help open a healthy discussion about them.

Exhibition Cage by Violetility

In this post, I decided to pair two items from these new sponsors with one of my favorite clothing designers that has supported me through it all.

It also poses the perfect opportunity to announce that coming 2022 I will be launching my NSFW podcast discussing BDSM, Sexual exploration, mental health and the possibilities Second Life dot com (pls sponsor kthxbai) offers for that healthy exploration so stay tuned for more information coming soon about that.

Xmas Shackles device by [LiLiMD]
Sponsors Credits
.Aitne. Liz panty // Available at INITHIUM Event
.Aitne. Luisa Top // Available at INITHIUM Event
[LiLiMD] Shackles XMAS (U-Bind) // Available at XXX Event 12/13 - 01/03
Violetility - Exhibition Box // Available at Mainstore
Image was taken on Black Dragon. Base poses included in the Exhibition Cage by Violetility and the Shackles by [LiLiMD] modded in the BD Viewer.

Warning: The Shackles are not rigged for specific bodies. I have modified the sizing and placement of them, plus my own pose in Black Dragon in order to fit the image and my own shape. The pose included works on all bodies and does not require RLV to work/pose, however if your intention is to wear them constantly and not have them clip with your clothing, hair or body my recommendation would be to edit them or edit your shape. High-Mod-Knowledge Level required in my opinion.


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