“Of the many things to do in this forsaken post-apocalyptic environment is stand guard for what is to come. Empire City is quiet at night. Nothing much to do here but wait for the random noise that comes from the burrowing animals that remain or the fighters coming in to claim their piece of glory and momentum. Something certainly encouraging but also damming. And so I remain, atop the many several buildings where I keep guard over the remains of the Colosseum where the many will try to grab their own piece of glory. Where the Bird of Prey will claim victory over Danni. Good luck to you all. Day two, begins.”

This is VWE Wrestleseries 13 | Day 2

Style Credits
:::SOLE::: GIROV Collection
Leg, Belt, Crotch, Kneepad, MC Pad & Relay in White
:::SOLE::: SA - Wrap belt (White)
:::SOLE::: SA - Collar Mk.1 (White) Modded
:::SOLE::: SA - Mask 7M (OT) White
:::SOLE::: SA - Proof (White)
SEKA's U.P. Shoulder Pads + Cyberlita Hands
[ContraptioN] Neurolibrium *???*
[CX]x[-TWC-] // Lumbar Puncture - Silver
Ghoul - Modeus Eyes - Angel Babe Light
[RA] Luan Hair - Black & White
OMNIS - White Bodysuit for Maitreya (applier)
[BREATHE]-Kendra Heels White
Wearing Maitreya Lara 5.1 Version with a Clothing Layer
Wearing LAQ RINA Mesh Head
Pose by WRONG, modded in Black Dragon
Shot at the VWE Wrestleseries 13 @ Ruins of Empire City

Today on this Day 2, we have the Extreme Battle Royale at 4:00 PM SLT, followed by the Wrestleseries 13 Press Conference at 6:00 PM SLT and the Post-Apocalyptic party with DJ Doug at 7:00 PMS SLT to close on the day where some will be crowned with glory over the rubble that is Empire City and others will leave in shame.

I will try to keep up with every day blogging about this event, so make sure you stay tuned.

Remember that VWE and its sponsors are also running a photo contest, with a lot of prizes both in Linden Dollar (L$) form and store credit, gift cards, items and more. All the information and rules below or at the Facebook Post (HERE). Please take into consideration the sim does not allow to rezz items, which means you will need to depend on a poser to get the pics, take also into account that most of the time the sim will have scripts turned off, so for this I recommend the BD poser or bring your own poses and play them either locally or in-world.

VWE Website | VWE Facebook | WrestleSeries Website | VWE Twitter | VWE Patreon
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