We all have a kinky side to our lives. Some wear it on their wrist and it is wide open and visible. Others keep it a little in the downlow. I am at the middle point of that, do not hide, nor do I advertise my kinky side, but I DO enjoy blogging these type of things!

With #BlackFriday coming to us I was reminded of this cute little doll cabin and I decided to blog several things I got from my sponsors that are still available.

Short Leash has this cute little necklace that comes with both 3 types of RLV and a No RLV version for you to still keep your kink going, the pasties of course are from Aitne and they come with a full HUD to modify the color and tag. Several cutesy texts can be picked, I went for Bimbo (of course!)

In general, I just enjoy taking these type of pictures and find them super cute when done properly. Hope you enjoy and happy weekend! Spend and Ho responsibly!

.:Short Leash:. Aegyo Necklace // Available @ KPop United until 11/26 [Mainstore]
.Aitne. Pasties Tag // Available @ Inithium Event [Mainstore]
[Cubic Cherry] {Hoshi} gag 2.0 WHITE
.:Abedul:. Haru Round Glasses - Silver
THIS IS WRONG Candy tattoo
+Spellbound+ First Date Hair
CryBunBun x Mewsery - Sweet Lolita [PURITY]
Rosary. Base Nails . Stiletto
duckie . ripple white
-KC- NEDIS PUMPS for Kupra
\-VALKYR-/ Doll Cabin *PINK* [Website | Mainstore]


November 25th - November 29th

β€’ 50% off all gift cards
β€’ Free Group Membership
β€’ 50L Limited Time Deals


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