Abnormality is entering its last days and there is still a lot of cute stuff you need to get your hands on. In this look I had to go with a very cute creator by SEKKUSU matching it with a few items from Kottr, Mongrelgrim and Static.

Important: the body used on this blog and images is Kalhene – Erika, however the Static Item and Kottr Boots do not come fitted for this body, while they work somewhat with Freya for the Static Shawl and Maitreya for the boots, there is not a 100% compatibility. Images have not been manipulated whatsoever, simply worked some light into them.

// Sekkusu - Ritual - Purple | Exclusively at Abnormality
// Kottr Jotunnfotr | Exclusively at Abnormality
// ::Static:: Soothsayer Shawl | Exclusively at Abnormality
// [ MONGRELGRIM ] - NEON CROWNS - Crown Regal Icon | Exclusively at Abnormality
// Luminary Magik - Runic Spells part of the Skoll mod | Exclusively at Abnormality
// Kahlene - Erika Body | Mainstore | Marketplace
// Jhekho Flavi Thong Kalhene Erika
// +Spellbound+ First Date
Jotunheim 2021 by Abnormality Event 
/// November 7-28
/// Website
/// Twitter


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