I really love it when I discover new and exciting things and this is exactly what happened. Enter Short Leash. A sweet, kinky brand that I am now proud to call my sponsor. They have so many little cute things and own a whole town where people can live in the lifestyle in a safe environment, living and learning together.

Anyway, to celebrate this little fact I decided to get myself a home at A Town Called Short Leash, or ATCSL, a cabin up in their mountains that I got the pleasure to decorate and add a few… kinky additions to start shooting more and more pictures around town.

Short Leash

Mainstore | ATCSL | Website

To start I just chose to show off my new decor at my bedroom while getting ready for one of the many events Short Leash hosts throughout the week/month.

.:Short Leash:. Playtime Emergency Kits // Available at Mainstore
.:Short Leash:. Playtime Emergency Kit // CUFF VERSION //
.:Short Leash:. Playtime Emergency Kit // Toy Version //
.:Short Leash:. Lilith's Tapestry Currently // Black Fair Until 11/27
:HAIKEI: Soft & Dreams / 4
:HAIKEI: Leisurely Room / {6}
:HAIKEI: Leisurely Room / {4}
:HAIKEI: Leisurely Room / {5}
:HAIKEI: Home Sweet Home / 5
KUNI - Kali Hair

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