Many things are really exciting on this new round of Abnormality but I saw many of my friends losing it for this wolf. This is the [.birchteeth.] Nordic Hunter in the Freyja version. This cutie patootie is definitely a look I love for canine furries. The detail is fantastic and the variety on the heads it can be applied to, is absolutely wonderful!

A parts list is not included in a notecard but you can see the compatibility by the names on the textures. The tail and ears however are specific. No other options but the ones mentioned in the textures, which are the Wicked Pup’s Edgy Ears and the Tail from the V2 Husky FULL avatar sold by Kinzart.

You can buy this or one of the 7 other versions they have made that definitely live up to the hype. The one thing I noticed is that the head for the Canis (which I am using) has a very noticeble seam issue in the middle of the head. For this post I edited it out, but I feel like you should know.

[.birchteeth.] nordic hunter - freyja // Available at Abnormality Jotunheim
[KZK] Husky Dark Grey - Avatar Tail
Kottr Hand Klaws
Lovely Mi - Synth Me Up! Nail Texture for Kottr Klaws
Plush Studios - PlushStudios. Nia Top Pink
duckie . ripple kupra
{Vixen} - MOXIE collar - { Goddess }
CHI - Circular SunGlasses - Black (Furry fitted)
Neon Hot Bath - The Bearded Guy [Mainstore]
Jotunheim 2021 by Abnormality Event 
/// November 7-28
/// Website
/// Twitter

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