Let us talk unusual creations. Whenever someone asks me about truly unusual founds in Furry world that might work for hoomans I usually will recommend my friends that I tend to use items from, Seydr for out of the ordinary skins, Paradox’s Bewitched for cutesy and unique high quality mods and now… my friend Seru, or as I have always known them, most adorable cyberpunk Burb! Seru owns a store and does commission work (you should tots hire them).

So why am I talking about Seru now? Well Abnormality is in full swing, as you know cuz I keep le blogging, and in this round Seru’s store Iggy So1p has two amazing mods available for purchase, two ravens that one cannot help but reminesce about the All Father, and while in this blog post I do not wear the full mod, I promise I will blog the full look later, I want to focus on the overlays they have added to the mods.

These overlays ARE BOMB! Like literally one of the most beautifully detailed I’ve seen and full coverage to several parts of my body. I particularly enjoyed the feathery look and this is why I chose to wear it on my human to see how I would make it work, and well lo and behold, they are an absolute beauty, they look like a tattoo when matched with a human look, completely BOM, coverage to arms, legs and parts of the neck; trully a gorgeous overlay, and this is only ONE of them, they included four (4) yes you read that right, four of them! All different and all gorgeous!

Iggy So1p's The Raven Lord Overlay 02 // Available at Abnormality Jotunheim
=Zenith= Britta Set
Pendulum Alaric Claws at We ❤ Roleplay
[monso] Ruda2 Hair
Vibing - Ciara Rings in silver
eBody - Reborn
Catwa HD Pro Sasa
Skin no longer available in-world.
{Vixen} - MOXIE collar - { Hentai }

For the 411 on this mod, let’s go. The Iggy So1p’s Raven Lord comes available for the Demi Crow Avatar by Cerberus, Almate Tori Head (Abnormality Exclusive), Happy Paw Fox Head and Psicorp Bird Heads, also comes with Overlays in 4 styles with LLUV and Lelutka EVO X makeups, this is compatible with both normal LLUV BOM avatars and also offers Regalia. And it is available in both Albino and Black.

Jotunheim 2021 by Abnormality Event 
/// November 7-28
/// Website
/// Twitter

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