One of my favorite movies and cartoon series of all times is Beetlejuice, it’s funny, witty and plain entertaining. Plus Wynona Ryder in that movie is just absolutely perfect, definitely something worth still watching after all this time. And while new generations, for the most part recognize Beetlejuice thanks to the musical and not the original movie or cartoon series, I am still in love with it and rewatch any chance I get.

So you can understand why as soon as I saw this cute dress by Aitne at the INITHIUM event the idea came to mind to do a Beetlejuice inspired looks. And yes, there are many people out there creating costumes or dresses/outfits inspired or very heavily look-set in Beetlejuice, but I just loved how this seemingly cute underrated dress that comes in several colors by the way, just fitted that aesthetic once you style it properly.

With a background from THE BEARDED GUY and my newly updated KALHENE”ERIKA” body and makeup done completely by me (Lovely Mi) I knew I had a winner in my hands. So here you go and I hope you all enjoy this!

.Aitne. Martin Dress // Available at [INITHIUM] Event
KALHENE - Erika Body v2.3 // Mainstore | Marketplace
Lovely Mi - Westwood Contrast Eye Makeup BOM // Mainstore @ Sylvania Square
Lovely Mi - Beetlegeuse Lips BOM // Mainstore @ Sylvania Square
Lovely Mi - Nyx Collection - Top 01 No Face // The [Mod]ify Event until 10/31
Clemmm - Cabin Eyes - Neon Purple // Marketplace
The Bearded Guy - Green Flowers Backdrop // Mainstore
= DAE = Simple knife Earrings // Mainstore
{Vixen} - MOXIE collar - { Mommy } // Marketplace
WeArH0uSE [torn] Sheer/90% // Marketplace
Letis Tattoo :: Aeternus :: 50% :: FULL14002 BOM // Mainstore
+Spellbound+ Freja Hair // Unavailable
Catwa HD Pro Sasa
RUSSKAYA - Mia Pose Animation 01 // 75% off Russkaya Mainstore Opening


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Management specialist, Photo/Videographer, Musician, DJ and Vlogger in Second Life

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