In the whirlpool that is the new normal, some things can make us smile the most. This time it comes in the form of Aitne, a cute little sexy store named .Aitne.

This store is very new with original meshes aimed for the naughty, dark and sensual side of things. With accesories and some clothing available and they decided to allow me the pleasure of becoming their blogger.

So to start I got these cute simple items to be able to snap something so absolutely sexy !

I also needed to do thid because The Bearded Guy has this BADASS backdrop available in the Invernalia Hunt and the wonderful people at RussKaya are having a 75% off sale to celebrate their new mainstore! So go! Have fun!

The Bearded Guy - Sustos Ahre - City Muerte Red // Invernalia Hunt until Nov. 10 [Mainstore]
.Aitne. Star Pasties // Available at [INITHIUM] Event
.Aitne.Sacred Halo // [Aitne Mainstore]
Poses by Russkaya // Currently 75% off at the Russkaya Mainstore
Lovely Mi - Mix and Match Makeup
[Seydr] Neck Paint Lip Line + Bad Wolf + People Eater 
// Item Exclusive to Pulse Games Hunt: Cutting Class 2021 //


Published by Miwa

Management specialist, Photo/Videographer, Musician, DJ and Vlogger in Second Life

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