Among the many things I get to do while blogging is to check out new opportunities and new items that the wonderful people of Second Life come up with. This time, let’s talk the Kahlene Erika Body.

Originally released in July where I briefly made a mention about it with a picture the Kalhene team has decided to offer me the chance to be one of their bloggers, so this time I get to speak in a lot more detail about it.

To start, let’s talk about the actual pack. Kalhene Erika can be bought either at the Kalhene Mainstore in-world (Discount available for group patrons) or at their marketplace for L$2595. Upon opening the package you will find the Body itself, Main HUD, Physics, HUD for the Vagina and Nipples with a few extra items listed below:

Cel Shading
Play Set
Transgender (penis)
Mesh Heads
Head A Soft
Head B Hard
Head C Asian
Mesh Head HUD
Shapes, Skins and Eyes
Eyes (Choco, Coffee, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Ice, Lake, Light Blue & Sky)
Shapes (Asian, Chubby, Curvy and Natural)
Skin (Dark, Medium, Pale, Porcelain & Sunkissed)
Stretch Marks + Cellulitis
11 (eleven) full looks ready to wear.

What I loved about this body is the shape. This is probably the one body that resembles the most to a very underrated shape in IRL, in my regular Bunny shape this makes me into a Pear-shaped person, which I love. The thighs and tummy details in the body itself are ADORABLE and I love that ass. I mean just look at it.

The other thing I loved is how complete it comes for the overall cost, which makes is a VERY good option for a starting person. On top of the fact that they constantly do releases and promos and have freebies at their own mainstore/mall, which makes things a hell-of-a-lot easier when you trying to shop for a new body.

Now for the downside, if you are an already stablished resident that, like me, has accumulated a fuck ton of products throughout the years Erika as a body is still very new and not many creators are caught up with it, yet. But hopefully they will in the time to come. Being a BOM SLUV body makes matching your skin a lot simplier, however in regards to the toe mapping, it does take a bit to find a skin that would work, unless you go with a skin created for Erika. But if you are an old avi like me, your previous skins may not match in certain areas.

Overall, Kalhene Erika hits a lot of the best points I have seen in a while. It is a VERY complete body for the very fair price attached to it, available both in-world and marketplace and with a support system (in their own creators) that allows you to keep checking their own mainstore for the many releases from creators that are slowly joining the love for this beautiful body.

Kalhene - ERIKA Body
Kalhene ERIKA Outfit 10 - Bikini (included in Body)
Kalhene - ERIKA Outfit 7 - Dress black (included in Body Pack)
Hair // [monso] - Chowon2
Skin by Pink Fuel
Head is Catwa HD Pro SASA
Eyes by Ghoul

About picture
Pictures taken in Black Dragon Viewer with the Realistic Night Environment and spotlights aimed at the body.
Pictures depicted above are RAW images, no editing or color correction was made to them whatsoever in order to showcase how the body ACTUALLY looks.

Special thanks to the Kalhene Team for wanting me to become part of their blogging team and looking forward to do more of these to help this body grow in SL.


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