And the releases keep coming in, one by one but also steady. The [Mod]ify event keeps going strong until Oct. 31st. And among those releases these are a few to highlight.

[Mod]ify Event ~Underworld~ Open until Oct. 31st.

[QE] Designs has out two special releases just for the [Mod]ify event, in this blog we feature the Tatiana Dress that comes with a super cool skeleton design that is just to DIE for. Paired in this look with the -Ryoku – Yurei release (fully tintable) and the Cubic Cherry {Kharon} Lantern that compliments a more punk rock version of what I believe the entrance to the underworld would be, with the added beauty that is the River of Stars Dancing Spirits creation, that is just absolutely perfect with this look!

[QE] Tatiana Dress // [Mod]ify event Exclusive
- Ryoku - Yurei Hands_Faded // [Mod]ify event Exclusive
[Cubic Cherry] {Kharon} lantern // [Mod]ify event Exclusive
[RoS] Dancing Spirits // [Mod]ify event Exclusive
Lovely Mi - Santa Muerte [blue]
Phedora ~ Savin Boots
+Spellbound+ Daddy Issues // No longer available
BELLEZA - Freya Body BOM
MINIMAL - Solitude Scene

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Management specialist, Photo/Videographer, Musician, DJ and Vlogger in Second Life

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