Sugar Nova, Sugar Nova… OH SUGAR NOVA! This talented little bean created this cutie, and named it BOOberry. Now, me being someone from a different country to the US it took me some time to taste the glorious flavors of BOOberry and seeing this adorable mod well… I lost it. I LOVE it.

Let’s get into the nitty gritty of what this mod includes and what you can expect. To start, this little baby and the other colors they released are available at Furry Snout event until October 11, 2021. Sugar Nova made this both for the Fennux/Fennex head (by Sugarcult) and the Coyote head (by Cerberus) and comes with instructions on how and why to apply anything to the selected parts. As for the horns, ears and tail, this little baddie includes them already as well as the textures for head and mouth that are 100% BOM.

Definitely worth the pricetag and come on, who cannot love this cutie!?

Backdrop: Ferrero - Damn Night - The Bearded Guy // Mainstore
Heckbuppy - BOOberry {fennex} // Furry Snout Exclusive
Lovely Mi - Aftershock 01 for +SG+ Fennux // Coming soon
Lovely Mi - Sparkly Nails Texture for Kottr Klaws Stiletto // Mainstore
PlushStudios. Colleen Panties, Bra and Skirt
+Spellbound+ Bloody Mary
Kottr Hand Klaw
Wearing [Inithium] Kupra // Sugarcult - Fennux Head // Apricot Paws - Handy Paws and Feety Peets

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Management specialist, Photo/Videographer, Musician, DJ and Vlogger in Second Life

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