There is something that always makes me very happy about seeing releases from Hanzel and QE, seeing both of these goodies made me SMILE SO MUCH! And not just in the creepy manner you see today, but also in the happiest of ways!

So let us begin, [QE] Designs made a cute little skirt, tank and sweater combo made available for the Halloween Shop & Hop which like LOVE already! And in comes the cuties at Hanzel making A HOLO SUCCUBY INSPIRED TATTOO PLUS AMBIX making Nightmare Nails so I can be baddest bish around… YEAH now I ded. So of course I combined these beauties with my new Santa Muerte makeup plus some other goodies and OMG IN LOVE!

So anyway as we were, the whole look is inspired by my love for the creepy cute look of things, you can expect these to show up a lot more in upcoming days because this whole month and all the way to December (YES DECEMBER) I celebrate Halloween and Dia de Muertos so yeah, this what we doing. Hope you love it too!

Also, yes that is the CORGI from Tardfish that like 20 people linked me to, cuz corgis are my life, I best corgo and yes I got it so it got included!


Lovely Mi - Santa Muerte [blues] // Coming soon // Stay tuned!
[QE] Designs - Amelia Tank and Skirt // New Exclusive for the Halloween Shop & Hop
.Hanzel. Holo Sucuby Tattoo, Tails and Horns // For [Mod]ify Event
AMBIX // Nightmare Nails // For [Mod]ify Event
[Seydr] Ritual Blood BOM Tattoo
Violent Seduction - Anteros Boot [Black]
= DAE = metal snake earrings
= DAE = Wave half frame glasses
Vibing - Galaxy Rings
.Tardfish. Space-Doggo // For Planet29
{Vixen} - MOXIE collar - { Goddess }
KUNI - Lara Hair
Base Pose by Del May - Edited in Black Dragon
Backdrop: anxiety %local @ BackDrop City


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Management specialist, Photo/Videographer, Musician, DJ and Vlogger in Second Life

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