I know it has been a while and I am sorry for that but I come here with a few decor I’ve made in the past weeks that honestly made me incredibly proud. With more than a fair share of sponsored items, so let’s go!

To start a few things from my fav little store filled with immense talent [QE] Designs and //CHI// that has still in its ranks more techy and witchy stuff to mix with more modernized things. This is my Roleplay apartment bedroom in Las Almas – Criminal Urban Roleplay.

I am slowly getting back into roleplay (when time allows for it) and in the midst of doing that, this little thing came about. The background of this particular character is a very superstitious wiccan-practicioner with a passion for hacking, music and skateboarding, therefore her home combines all of her passions. The bedroom, depicted here, is a combination of the lewd and the technology, which to be honest make me genuinely happy.

//CHI// - Gaming Station
[QE Home] Rug Trio -Star Maps
[QE] Star Maps Art
[QE Home] Wall Decor Runes
[RoS] - Glass Block Panels
floorplan. neon love heart
floorplan. neon send nudes 

Now the second picture is more rooted on actual Witch practices thanks to the more popularized version of it, but you know, with sexy furries. And of course I am talking about my Sylvania Square Fursty Fursday “Something Wicked This Way Comes” image for Sept. 30th.

Featuring (from left to right): Paradox, Padparadscha, myself & Lillith.

A little set perfect to celebrate the start of Halloween season (like for me it’s Halloween all year round, but you know what I mean). And while my models are simply AMAZING it is also my job to bring attention to the items that helped me create a mood.

Violation - Cauldron Bath // [Mod]ify Exclusive
[RoS] Tabula Arcanum - Eldritch + Moth Clutter // Furry Snout Event Exclusive

These two little pieces really made my whole day because I just loved what they represented. And while yes, I added a bunch of stuff around and the ladies depicted were nothing but PERFECTION in the end the items by Violation and RoS the whole set would not have turned out as amazing as it did. You can definitely expect to see the [RoS] product later in a vlog because the anims are BADASS!

[ Focus Poses ] Witch craft room w/props
GCD - FOGGER 1000- Dry Ice/ Smoke Machine V 2.4
{what next} Fall Candles Group 3

Stay witchy!


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