It is that time again where the furries come out to play and we get a LOT of new mods, fashions and goodies for all our furry needs. So yeah, you guessed right. We got Furry Snout coming!

And to start I chose to feature Stellarium’s Yeen Mod! Yus I made a yeen! so let’s dive into this little yet awesome mod!

Stellarium created a GORGEOUS spotted hyena (aka yeen) mod that comes in male and female versions upon purchase. This mod was created for the Sugarcult Yeen head with added parts from Happy Paw for the Ears and Tails. This is a 100% BOM mod. This means you will require at least a medium mod knowledge in order to use it if you had not previously modded your items for BOM textures.

So what do I think? I personally LOVE the mod, it is so soft looking, very nice sizing on the spots, gorgeous fades, but I had an issue liking the SG head. Now don’t get me wrong this is a GREAT head, easy to use and figure out with or without BOM, comes with an eyelash and eyeshadow layer and eyes which like I mentioned super easy to use, but the shape… i don’t know, something was off to me… but once I styled it, I loved how it turned out, it looks and feels like a YEEN and it gave me such Paige (best yeen wafer) vibes.

As for me, I am EXTREMELY excited about this event just by looking at the list of designers taking part of this round. I will definitely be sharing my favorite items and hoping you enjoy them as much as I do!

stellarium: female spotted hyena for Furry Snout Round 3
Lovely Mi - Sunset Makeup for [HP] Yeen Head BOM
Lovely Mi - Sunset Nails - Sparkle Edition for Freya (coming soon)
Wicca's Originals - Iridas Legacy
O.T.M "Vaneesa Lifted Tank"
Kottr Sk8 for Feety Peets
MIWAS / Waist #2 Mid Fishnet tights #Black - BoM
+SG+ Yeen Head
[HP] - Ears of big cats  bento (M)
[HP] - short tail 3 bento
imbue. rin torn shorts - vlight
+Spellbound+ First Date
Eyes by Nhyxii
FOXCITY. Photo Booth - Gradient
Base pose: Mewsery - Bae [bento] Pose 5a
Final pose was modded in Black Dragon.

Picture was taken on Black Dragon, using a modded version of the Ultrabright Environment. Added lights to the body to enhance the shines of the Freya body materials in tones pink and purple.
/// Round 3
/// Sept 28th - Oct. 12
/// Twitter

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