The year was 2013 and Second Life (R) chose the image above as Picture of the Day. For those of you that do not follow SL happenings, SL runs a flickr group where people in the community can submit their images for the possiblity of it being featured as picture of the day. In 2013, they picked my image named: Rise.

The concept was simple, a witch rising from her own ashes and ascending to a higher plane. Of course none of that was for the story, it was so I could show off this badass piece from Miamai SL and the hair from Vitabela Boudoir.

I always enjoyed the concept behind this and realistically this is what inspired me to create a special overlay for the [Mod]ify event, starting Oct. 1st.

Introducing the Lovely Mi – Nyx Collection. A series of BOM overlays in black with a modifiable version in white. While a very simple concept, these overlays allow for something far more interesting, and that is the possibilities this creates.

In my case, I chose to bring back to life that witch from 2013. She is still rising. She is still a badass, she is just far more consumed by… darkness. This time only with a modified, demonic-like version, courtesy of the skin by Seydr (formerly Gauze), that will be making their return SOON and collaborating with me on a different event, and pieces by SL Couture classics Miamai and Solidea Folies.

The overlays will be released as an exclusive for [Mod]ify sold both separately and in a fatpack version. In addition, I reworked my aftermath tear collection for BOM and LEL EVO X and I will be featuring new exclusive designs by LillyScrem inspired in Japanese demons.

Modify starts on Oct. 1st. You can stay up to date with everything about the event by following them on Twitter or their Flickr Group.

Lovely Mi - Nyx 04 Full BOM Available Exclusively @ [Mod]ify Event
Seydr: [Gauze] Chronicle - Quartz - Pearl
Seydr: [Gauze&Trap] Ziva Horns
Miamai - Rapt Add-ons [No longer available]
Solidea Folies - a Tea with Cao hat [no longer available]
Mellow Dermal Hip Piercings
Vibing - Corinna Silver Rings
alme. Mesh Stiletto Nails - Shiny
{Aii & Ego} - Avarice Tail (bento/b.o.m) + Aka shita Tongue size S
[monso] Jenn Hair
CATWA HD PRO Sasa + Legacy Original Body

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Management specialist, Photo/Videographer, Musician, DJ and Vlogger in Second Life

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