Nhyxi is hands down my bestie. That girl is my ride or die bad bish. And the moment, THE MOMENT, this badass song from Tokischa and ROSALÍA named “Linda” (Spanish for Cute/Beautiful) hit my Spotify I LOST IT! This song is Nhyxi and me to THE EFFIN TEE.

Let’s break it down. The song starts with a conversation in Spanish with very particular words used in the Dominican Republic to refer to get togethers, parties in alleys and so on. From the moment they start the song, the beat is catching, the lyrics, while repetitive, make sense. The message is clear. best friends are RIDE OR DIE!

If you’ve never heard of #Rosalia, do yourself a favor and go listen to this woman like YESTERDAY! Spotify | Youtube

Backdrop: The Bearded Guy – La contrucción (group gift) [ Mainstore ]

I called Nhyxi immediately and got this going. I have to say I am incredibly thankful to Ceweste and Aine’s Sylvania Square and Sanctifer and my fav Himbo Daphvir’s The Waste for being so amazing and allowing me to record parts of the video in places around their locations.

We cannot forget Lichi Moonwall (DJ extraordinare and backdrop enterpreneur) who always has the backdrop I need for things like this.

And of course the gorgeous dancers that came through in spectacular fashion to come help and hype up a party: Void, Lilly, Revel and Lilith. And of course my best bae and waifu Nhyxii! Thank you all so much.

One last thing. This song belongs to its creators and it is only being used for entertainment purposed. All credit to its original creators.

STYLE CREDITS (Photo only)

Character owned and Created by me
[QE] Designs - Witchy Woman Tankini V1
CHI - Circular SunGlasses - Black (human Fitted)
Lovely Mi - Vaporwave eyeliner + lips
NANIKA - Bianca Pants Black
Phedora ~ Savin Boots
Spellbound Hair [unavailable]
Wearing Legacy
Character owned and Created by Nhyxii
Custom mod by Bewitched
Rouly - Rock It Tee
Rouly - Bad Baby 90's Ripped Mom Jeans
Kottr Klaws
Wearing [INITHIUM] Kupra

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