Coming back to my country was such a hassle and having to go cover some shifts at the hospital immediately after you return is D3aT# but alas, life needs to move on and so does the blogging world.

And so as you may know Abnormality: Supernova is still going strong, into week 3 of this fantastic event that is set to end by the 28th. And the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to make a blog that was heavingly inspired on what I went through this past week, but I chose to do it with ONE aspect: Makeup.

I spent the past few days getting ready and back in the groove but making sure my makeup was on point when it came to going to work, so I mixed and matched and loved every single outcome, which of course inspired me to take the Play X Dead mod released for Abnormality, the COSMIC CANINES.

Between the sploshes of color and the different combinations they came up with in this release, this was probably one of the funniest and most adorable items to come out of the round, ESPECIALLY since they decided to match it with the GORGEOUS Wicked Pup FAIRY KEI ears and tail release, yep this mod came with the textures for this packet that Wicked Pup created FOR Abnormality Supernova, which made me smile SO MUCH!

COSMIC CANINES in MAGICAL for the +SG+ Fennex Head for Abnormality: Supernova
:: wickedpup :: FAIRY KEI - Ears + Tail for Abnormality: Supernova
Plush Studios - Dona Cotton Set in the Kupra Fit
Kottr - Stiletto Klaws
Lovely Mi - Sparkle 01 Texture in Berrie
Lovely Mi - Bisexual Makeup for the +SG+ Fennex Head
[Monso] - My Hair - Julia
+SG+ Fennex Head
Supernova 2021 by Abnormality Event
//August 7-28
//website | event TAXI

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