I love this planet, River of Stars made this and gave it away on twitter just because and I HAD to take a pic and of course I chose to match it up with the BeSpoke Caravan Sphynx mod and head.

So here we go, the Bespoke Caravan XEN Sphynx Head comes with the head itself (both male and female), several shapes with different styles (curvy, default, kitten, lean, buff, etc.) eyes in different colors (10 in total), Teeth and Tongue as well as the HUD for the head! I will vlog later how it looks animated and all that!

BeSpoke Caravan - Sphynx Xen Head (female)
BeSpoke - Sphynx Xen - Skin - Fem Black Spots
[RoS] Shiny Planet
~*RunoRuno*~ Cherry Blossom Petals
[monso] Chowon2 Hair
Mellow - Dermal Hip Piercing
kotte - hellebore crown pink
MICHAN - Love Choker - Black
Apricot Paws - Feety Peets and Handy Paws
BeSpoke - Sphynx Xen - Bento Head [1.3]
Xen Head Ad
BeSpoke - Sphynx Xen - Skin - Black Spots Unpacker
Xen Skin Mod Ad

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Management specialist, Photo/Videographer, Musician, DJ and Vlogger in Second Life

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