A new week a new blogpost, this time some more goodies right out of Abnormality! Many, many things are available but for this one, I HAD to wear and combine two things that I like a lot, retro and sparkles!


At Abnormality there are many things available, some of them I have already blogged in previous entries or used them as an add-on for other things, but on this post we highlight… [Not A Peep], a awesome little brand that I came accross and fell in love with from Abnormality’s previous round. This time arround they released a series of Glitch Types BOM tears that are TO DIE for which of course I had to get because of my oh so big obsession with retro and VHS tapes.

Among other items featured in my blogpost, we see once again the STATIC Galaxy Aura, a gacha with NO rares, so you get equal chance to get ALL available models that Static SL has chosen to come up with! In equal goodness


[n.a.p] Assimilation Tears 03 - Full for Abnormality: Supernova
::Static:: Galaxy Aura - 03 {Andromeda} for Abnormality: Supernova
[Kres] Moon  Necklace for Abnormality: Supernova
~MR~Kokoro Sparkle~ FATPACK for The Crystal Heart Festival
:Moon Amore: Serenity Atelier / Queen Dress for The Crystal Heart Festival
= DAE = Wave half frame glasses + MONEY $$$$$
Vibing - Galaxy Rings
alme. Mesh Stiletto Nails - Tropical Love

Supernova 2021 by Abnormality Event
//August 7-28 
//website | event TAXI

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