“And so they told me I could become anything… so I became a World Eater”

M, the zombie model.

Very few times in my life in Second Life dot Com do I get overly excited for things. I have been in this game for over 12+ years and while I have seen many talented people come and go, very few ignite a spark in me to want to be… more. To find and see beauty in other places. Be Spoke Caravan is one of those creators.

“Meet M, the world’s first Zombie Model. She enjoys eating brains, scrambling through intestines and wearing all fancy stuff that she can later on snap pictures with.”

– Miwa Bunny

That is the backstory I gave this beauty, in reality M, or her head is a creation by BESPOKE CARAVAN, a brand that came to my attention when a client of mine asked me to take a video of their IMP to promote the Mod creator and the brand itself. You can read that one and see the video HERE.


This head however it’s a WHOLE other monster, literally. This is a necrotic Ghoul, and just like it sounds, it is a flesh eating rotten head, with a detached jaw and all kinds of jaggety teeths (necrotic tongue included). When I saw it, I fell in love with the possibilities of this head, the uses and misuses (so to speak) from using it to scare your opponents in a Role Play setting, to make them a fashion model, like I did. The Necrotic Ghoul is going to be your bestie, well I hope they are.

BeSpoke sells it complete with a skin for you to wear, however this being a BOM avatar, and I mean full BOM, you can do whatever you want, like I did with mine! Just slap on a skin and makeups and tattoos and have the time of your life!

Sponsor: BeSpoke Caravan - Ghoul Necrotic Head [ Marketplace | Mainstore ]
Makeup: [n.a.p] Assimilation Tears 05 for Abnormality: Supernova
Galaxy: :Static: Galaxy Aura Prism #14 for Abnormality: Supernova
Planets: [inZoxi] - Exploding Planets! for Abnormality: Supernova
Jewelry: F I N E S M I T H- Aquarelle [ No longer available ]
Tattoo: This is Wrong - Cross Tattoo [ Mainstore ]
Ribcage: CURELESS[+] Cadavre Exquis [ Mainstore ]
Pose: Created by Clemmm, modified on Black Dragon.

Supernova 2021 by Abnormality Event opens on August 7 and ends on the 28. Below is the list of participants that are taking part in this round and I will be blogging some of them but please stay tuned and visit the website and twitter for more information.

Website | twitter


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Management specialist, Photo/Videographer, Musician, DJ and Vlogger in Second Life

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