I always loved the song Corazon by Maluma and my new body with my new kitty were like “Oh Em Gee we need to do a video cuz like LOOK AT THIS RELEASEEEE” so yeah my beembo kitty and myself got this badass drop from The Bearded Guy over at Kinky Event and skeedadled to our home to make this happen!

Backdrop: Culi Heart – CyberSex – The Bearded Guy @ Kinky Event From 28 to 22 [ Mainstore | Marketplace ]

The Culi Heart backdrop is from the Cyber Sex Gacha available at Kinky from now until August 22nd and alongside other badass drops this is probably my favorite.

. s t y l e .

.PrettyDeceased. – Lust Bodysuit + Lust Boa [ Mainstore ]

Kottr – Stilletto Nails [ Mainstore ]

Lovely Mi – Berrie Nails 02 for Kottr Nails

imbue. heart shades – pink & orange [ Mainstore ]

Y13. P.Cat

[monso] Ruda2 Hair


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