#AlyxBald will now and always be an important hashtag for our generation and SL wrestling, but I think that for the first time, something depicting Alyx with hair may be more cursed than him without it, that is right he has released a cursed pop and I am IN EFFIN LOVE with this little thing!

[Knightmare Foundation] Cursed Alyx Ice Cream

So the 411:

This cursed pop was a co-design between @Alyx, fantastic artist @Squid and fab mesh creator @Krescendo for Alyx J. Knightmare’s charity entity: The Knightmare Foundation and if you ask me, I believe that this is one of the cutest, and most cursed, items ever created and WE LOVE IT!

This pop is currently available at the TKF marketplace and 100% of the profits goes for Doctors without Borders USA.

So many personalities, fans and bloggers have gotten in on it already and are posting several pictures in social media. If you wish to join the fun and grab your own copy, you can do so HERE.

Photo was taken at Palmwood City’s Cinema Lobby in Second Life.


Published by Miwa

Management specialist, Photo/Videographer, Musician, DJ and Vlogger in Second Life

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