Abnormality Event Exclusive Item on image by Anxious Angel { aa } WAVESHARKS (VAPORWAVE) for female

ABNORMALITY EVENT opening at 3pm SLT ❤


Everytime I get to see an event item from Anxious Angel I know by default I will love it, but in this case she combined my two favorite things, SHORKS and VAPORWAVE! So yes! You know I totally had to blog this and take pics. I am so happy to show and share with you since TODAY is the opening and start of ABNORMALITY!

Backdrop (Sponsor) by The Bearded Guy – Together Neon [ Mainstore | Marketplace ] 

Style: { aa } WAVESHARKS (VAPORWAVE) FEMALE @ Abnormality Event | CHI – Circular Sunglasses (fitted for Selachi head) [ Marketplace ] | [Eternus] Cutie Top in White | MIWAS / Rei Denim shorts #Blue | Markings by //BEANZ | GUTCHI – SUPER Boots MK I //GeographicRed-EDT [ Mainstore ] | Vibing – Galaxy Rings and Jinx Collar and Necklace [ Mainstore ] | Cerberus – Selachi Head | #Boutique187# Scarified Tongue Phone Case [ Mainstore ]


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Management specialist, Photo/Videographer, Musician, DJ and Vlogger in Second Life

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