Before we start you need to know this is not a regular blog. This is a letter to one of my best friends, someone who believed in me when I didn’t even do it, someone who has been nothing but true to me since day 1, a little oblivious but such an overall nice person and this is… Alyx. J. Knightmare.

My friend and I met at a club where both of us were DJs, realistically we did it because it came easy to both of us and he and I just kinda became instant friends bonding over synthwave and Mexican rock. Later on, we both kinda moved on from that scene, each of us going through other things and well, we stop having much contact, until one day, through mutual friends on Twitter we reconnected. You wonder what brought us together? A bottle of Whiskey and our love for heels (and no I do not mean stilettos, nope. I mean wrestling heels aka the bad guys), people like Chris Jericho, MJF and more.

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Turns out my friend had this amazing character that, well he had no time to put into because his job is demanding and his work ethic is amazing, so he would not be able to stop doing it, however here is where I came in. We developped his brand, built it up, raised it higher (mostlye due to his own charisma) and well he ended up pulling me and sweet (not really) Soleil was entered into this world. In his own words:

When I first started working and crafting the character of Alyx J. Knightmare, I had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted to do with him but I didn’t have enough hours in the day to fully achieve what I wanted. I thought I’d have to settle for “Good Enough” and that would be fine with me. Miwa wouldn’t let me settle. […] she really went above and beyond anything I could have hoped for. The biggest compliment I can give her is when she works with me, I can tell she believes in me. I believe in her, and you should too.”

Alyx J. Knightmare

Today AJK is a brand, one that he has understood all along and has only kept building with some help from me. Soleil and Alyx J. Knightmare are as bonded as AJ and Miwa. Thank you AJ, for the trust, for believing in me and for helping me find what made me the happiest versus what I was just good at. Thanks to him, to this day, I am able to do what I love and in a niche market that believes in me and wishes to work WITH me. So Thank you AJ.

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